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There’s No Such Thing as TMI in Therapy

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – there’s no such thing as tmi in therapy.
I wanna know all about your poop problems.
Sexy mishaps.
The thoughts that pop in and scare you and feel unmentionable.
That embarrassing thing that happened when you were 7.
That time you thought your tampon got lost in you.
I wanna know all about it. And I wanna know about it through your lens.
Because I wanna understand the depth and the breadth of your lived experience.
And because sometimes those TMI things are invaluable clues about how certain emotional patterns show up in your body, your relationships, specific circumstances. Those TMI things might show us some of the ways the traumas of the past have gotten stuck in you – physically and emotionally.
Please know that I will always do my best to foster a space where your TMI moments are welcome and I invite you to share only when you are ready. Never before.

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