meet natalia

Natalia Amari, MSW, SEP

Anyone else grew up too quickly and yet feel like a late bloomer all at the same time? Me too.

Before I came to realize the depths of this, I had carved out a pretty conventional life that ended in my mid-thirties. Go to school. Get a job. Get a dog (well, I took on that responsibility quite early because of some parentified child tendencies. That pupper lived through it all, though!). Get married.

And things started to feel stagnant. There was a foggy numbness instead of joy. I had made it – shouldn’t I be happy?!

But I wasn’t. So many of us aren’t. What’s supposed to happen after 33? 

There were no easy answers. I had to go deep, within myself.

Hard, hard truths emerged. 

My body rebelled. 

And, after a year of turmoil, I left and worked on my healing and began what I lovingly refer to as ACT II of my life.

Spoiler: ACT II is so far wayyyyy more fun, but this has been such a process!

And a north star of my own fashion emerged:

i want to be the woman of my wildest dreams
+ live a life i don't constantly bitch about

That’s it.

And I want to help you find your own version of this. A clear sense of your own internal compass that directs you to your own version of liberation.

Because true liberation begets more liberation for all. And I am here to do my part starting with you.

If that sounds scary to you, I get it.

When we feel like we’re living in a gilded birdcage, it can feel like we are not allowed to critique the cage. It doesn’t matter how pretty it is…to you it feels like a cage. 

That’s the truth.

And the truth can feel daunting.

I don’t know your story (yet), but if you are feeling like the whispers of your soul are telling you that you need a change then we need to at least start to turn toward this need.

Because it won’t just go away.

Soul needs don’t just go away.

In time, they rage. So let’s get ahead of that.

Radical change is possible. You can do this without blowing up your life.

And I can help.


U-M Sexual Health Certificate Program – Sex Therapy Track

Somatic Experiencing®

DEEP Skills and Theory Training

Master of Social Work
University of Michigan

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
University of Texas at Austin

when i'm not at work...

I am all about pursuing the path of pleasure (P-O-P as I like to call it)! Currently, I live a nomadic life as a location independent professional, exploring new locales, slowly.

Wherever I go, I enjoy being a cultural anthropologist of sorts and learning what makes the culture unique in each place. I also love dancing + music; making + experiencing art; shows with vampires, witches + costumes; doing tarot readings + pondering the mysteries of the universe with friends; and snuggling all the fur-babies I meet.

I am also proud to be a queer, Texican femme who practices earth based spirituality as a way to be in touch with my ancestors and the great unknown. Growing up in poverty and holding multiple hyphenated identities greatly informs how I orient to life, and therefore, work.

It is my lifelong mission to support the liberation of all beings. All beings deserve to be free from oppression.


"I have been able to utilize the resources here to help ensure that I am on, and stay on, a healthy path. Natalia was always professional. I have really appreciated working with her as she has been extremely responsive, flexible, and able to devise other techniques and tactics in the sessions. This has been the first time I have truly felt that I was able to have a co-working experience and a hands-on approach in therapy.”
Fierce & Beautiful Human Being
Former Client, Age 27

thinking about working with me?

Let's start with a discovery call. If it seems that the challenge may be more complex, I will let you know and point you toward psychotherapy options to help you get the care you need.