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I’ve been quiet lately.
I’ve needed to be.
The last several weeks have been really hard. And alongside my fellow survivors and allies I’ve felt disheartened, rage, betrayal, concern, triggered, etc.
So, I went inward into my more pensive self. I gave difficult feelings the presence they needed in an effort to process them. I cried, slept, did nothing at times and overall took extra space for self-care. All in turtle mode.
I say all of this not as an excuse and not to invite any kind of pity (I’m really not into pity). I say all of this because it feels important to name this and to own it.
There’s such pressure to keep everything going all the time. At the same time many experiences are worth pausing to digest.
This is not a sign of weakness. This is a natural part of health and healing.
During hard times such as these, it’s going to be vital to take exquisite care of ourselves and not make ourselves wrong for it in the process. And when we are ready, to emerge.
Go inward and re-emerge – as much as you need to. That’s what it looks like to take care of your health during tough times.

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