1-on-1 virtual consulting

you're the boss. demote corona.

You heard me right. Coronavirus has had a powerful impact on the way we live and lead. And, we are going to live in this context for a while. However, we are not powerless. We have been exquisitely designed to adapt. And we need leaders who can operate from this place. We can help with 1-on-1 virtual consulting.


We have received more questions about mental health in the last 40 days than in my entire career.

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Questions like:

  • How do I know if someone is struggling?
  • We don’t talk about feelings at work, how can I check in with my team?
  • How can our company encourage work/life balance while working from home?
  • How can I offer help without being invasive or pushy?
  • I’m cycling between anxiety and exhaustion – how can I show up for my team when I feel this way right now?
  • I’m not a health expert, but it doesn’t seem safe to go back to business as usual…how do I handle this?

you don't have to be an expert...

…To know that this pandemic and the call for sheltering in place can have a dramatic impact on one’s mental health.

We are having to make tough choices for ourselves, our teams and our families. Some businesses are having to make the very tough call of laying off their teams. Others are having to be discerning about how to safely conduct business, if it even makes financial sense to do so.

Work and home are blending together like never before. We are getting to glimpse into the homelives of our peers in a way that is unprecedented. The needs of children are causing whole teams to change when they collaborate.

Even healthy relationships are strained right now and those that were in a tough place before all this – that struggle is NEXT level. In the context of working from home, these hardships have to stay hidden to maintain a professional facade.

Everyone is doing their best and yet it’s still overwhelming.

and we aren't entirely without support...

While it’s true that virtually no one has lived (as a grown adult) through a pandemic in our lifetime, our nervous systems have been helping us adapt to strife, struggle, stress and trauma for eons.

And, we are fortunate to live in a time when we have learned enough about how the nervous system impacts our mental health to map out ways to adapt to this crisis.

Even in a collective crisis, everyone’s situation is different. So let’s talk through your unique challenges and create a plan to put you back in charge so you can lead with grace and power.

1-on-1 virtual consulting

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  • A 1-on-1, 55-minute deep dive into one concern that is keeping you up at night – all via video chat.
  • Trauma-informed, culturally responsive guidance on how to address your dilemma.
  • Strategies and encouragement for how to lead from a place of empowerment rather than victimhood, even though, yes, our lives changed over night.


  1. Pick a time that works for you.
  2. The system will prompt you with payment. Each session costs just $140.
  3. Agree to a few terms and conditions (just so we’re legit).
  4. Upon confirmation, you’ll automatically receive a Google Meet link – just click that at our scheduled time, and we’ll see you there!
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I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and I help people overcome trauma and reclaim their personal power through intersectional feminist trauma therapy.

As a trauma therapist, I know when to be soft and when to be strategic. Through virtual consulting, I can help you find your footing so you can lead in a manner that is sensitive, responsive, and rooted in spite of COVID-19.


“Natalia was a fantastic resource to have at my disposal during one of the most difficult transition periods I’ve had in my life. Sometimes I felt like I was too much in control, but that’s silly. Therapy is about me and being free to talk about anything made it easier to see that all of my feelings are valid and important. She helped me get to a point where I can begin to validate my own needs instead of feeling petty when I need something. I’ve never had the pleasure of working with a therapist I liked and respected so much and I wish her all the best in her future.”
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Former Client, Age 22


No. This is not therapy. We won’t dig in to all your childhood stuff or diagnose you or facilitate healing old wounds. This is a solution focused consulting session to troubleshoot the ways that the pandemic is affecting you and devise strategies to help you move forward. If therapy themes come up, we will name them and table them for when you choose to work on them.

That’s up to you. There is no requirement for an ongoing commitment.

Ideally we would focus on one core concern in each session. Start with one session and let’s take it from there. If you feel working together more consistently would be of benefit to you, bring it up on the call and we will create a plan.

That’s ok. We’re not here to make you a master of feelings. We are here to help you find tangible strategies for navigating these challenges that are appropriate on the work front.

We’ve got you. There are all kinds of reasons why we might not handle something as well as we would have wanted to.

Our session is a safe space to look squarely at reality as it is and find a clear path to move forward. Making a repair may be necessary, but luckily, we’ve got a lot of experience with that and we are here for you.