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own your power in a world that wasn't designed for you

Be the person who doesn’t constantly second guess yourself. Walk tall. Own your voice. Take no shit (but like, actually do it). Throw down the self help books that box you into feeling like an underachieving mindset robot. Step into your power without reiterating domination (except in that fun, consensual, kinky way). Let’s help you disentangle yourself from the past, learn the language of your feelings, embody who you were always meant to be and create the life that would make your teenage self swoon.

(*Well, this course is open to all femmes + thems, but “woman” just had that ring to it)

Getting Any of These Signs from the Universe When You’re Endlessly Scrolling (Everyone Else’s) Life Porn? 🤳🏼


Any of this sound familiar?

  • You feel like a hot mess and don’t know where to start.
  • Doing savasana in yoga gives you heart palpitations. (You’re not alone, promise!)
  • You’re over the past but the past is not over you.
  • You don’t *actually* want holistic wellness to be your full-time hobby. It’s great and all, but there’s so much more to life! 💃🏻🕶️🦩🪩🔮✈️
  • You’re tired of feeling hijacked by your feelings.
  • You’re insecure about being insecure.
  • Your self-help library is overflowing but your life, not so much. Hint: this isn’t about logic.
  • You have a knee-jerk reaction to follow suit when someone tells you what to do, even if you know they’re wrong.
  • All your best comebacks happen in the shower (I hate this one!!) 🤌🏽
  • What the hell is “child-like joy”?
  • You need a change but you are afraid of blowing up your life.
  • Do the people in your life even really know you? Do you know you?
  • You freeze when you actually have the freedom to do what you want.
  • You’re over wilting when you should be flourishing. 🌻

Have You Ever Met an Alpha Dog? I did When I Worked at a Dog Kennel in 2008. Her Name Was Peaches. 🐕🍑

And she was fascinating to watch. She was a mid-sized 35 lb orange and cream colored floofy mutt. Nothing special to look at really, although I’m sure her beloveds adored her. She was chill and just lazed about.

What was most remarkable about her was that wherever she went the other dogs just moved out of her way. She never had to assert her power, she just had it and they all knew it. And they did not seem afraid of her, they just stepped out of her way and she owned it.

A lot of us wish to be like Peaches, but we’ve got…baggage. 👛


Ironically, our opportunity to face our demons and heal our hearts has never been more robust, yet most of us are stressed out cucumbers feeling like a victim to this life we thought we wanted. We don’t embody our power at all.

Seriously. We’ve got talk therapy. 

We’ve got the internet.

We even know what the nervous system AND the clitoris look like!

Yet so many of us still feel lost, overwhelmed, and lonely.

In this place, we get desperate and spin our wheels trying to LEARN and UNDERSTAND anything. Everything. Yet, mindset only gets you so far.

Emotional dives in siloed psychedelic trips are not enough or else all of the folks from the ’60s would be doing just fine, thank you.

Despite all this information and somatic understanding, in truth, we are still approaching ourselves through an old lens that outsources our power to abstract facts, ideas, and experts rather than discovering the wisdom we already possess.

I know, there’s a part of you that’s like LIES – but really, it’s true – there’s buried fucking treasure inside of you that would seriously help you out if you had the key. 💎

And the key is all about creating access, or a bridge, to that fountain of power within you.

And the bridge has to be made of sturdy stuff. That sturdy stuff, ultimately, is how you relate to yourself.


So really, if we want to hold power we have to change how we relate to ourselves.

And this becomes the bedrock for how we relate to everything.

How you walk through life, how you approach your relationships, and your day to day life choices hinge on your relationship, first and foremost, with yourself.

Something’s gotta change. Now more than ever, the world needs people owning their power.

The Unfinishing School is designed to help you do exactly that.

introducing rebel in bloom's
unfinishing school

A course to help you to own your power
in a world that wasn't designed for you

The Unfinishing School has four goals:


1. Reinvent what it means to be powerful in a fucked up world ⚡️

We play hot potato with power. It’s ridiculous. We want power, yet we squirm when our privilege gets called out. Many of us hold privileged identities and oppressed identities and we get tangled wondering what we should feel, losing sight of what we do feel. 

We need perspective. So, we’re gonna take a hot minute to geek out on power, privilege, and oppression so that we can better discern when the shitty societal stuff is at play in our day to day lives. 

As we go through the modules on the nervous system and attachment, we will further weave these concepts into our understanding of how we relate to ourselves, others, and society so that we own our power in a way that creates more power for all.


2. Befriend your primal instincts (Your body is not the enemy!) 🐆

It’s basically like chess, we need to understand how the game works, the overarching goal and strategies, before we get into the specific moves you might employ depending on where you are on the board.

So we are gonna go deep on how our nervous system works. How it all connects to how we relate. How to identify the states that we get into and the overall strategies to shift states.

Having this understanding under our belts is mission critical and when I see clients grok this, they shift from believing their body is just out to sabotage their day or believing they are selfish for doing what they want to do to being able to and interested in slowing down enough to listen to the wisdom their body is trying to share.



3. Decode the language of your emotions + the whispers of your body to help you show up for yourself rather than bludgeon or abandon yourself when shit gets hard 🫶🏼

Now, here is where we get into all those specific chess moves.

First we understand and value where the body is trying to take us, and then we learn its language.

And it talks to us through our emotions and our bodily sensations

Growing up, many of us learned that emotions make you weak. We have learned that to be powerful we must abandon our emotions, avoid them at all costs in order to control them. We’ve become so deeply disconnected from our bodies that we think all massages should hurt and we shortchange foreplay because we feel awkward.

News flash: these attitudes reflect intergenerational and cultural trauma. And it’s making us sick and it’s time to break the cycle. ⛓️‍💥

When you enroll in the Unfinishing School you will learn a new way to relate to yourself and your emotions so that you can utilize them to live a BOMB-ASS life without being an asshole.

Because soft power is power.


4. (In Beta Round 2) Put it all together with your very own life kit for “what-to-do-when ____ happens” that’s tailored to you ✍🏽

We gotta crawl before we can walk, my friends. Whatever naughty patterns you currently have will take practice having new, reparative experiences in order to change.

In Beta Round 2, we will be taking all of the knowledge gleaned here and applying it to your life to help you build your own life kit for you to refer back to when faced with what we lovingly refer to as AFOGs – Another Fucking Opportunity for Growth so you can practice carving new grooves in your brain that help you live your life from a place of power, not victimhood or rigidity.

Because this kind of change does not happen overnight, but with repetitive experience over time your brain will say, well this NEW way is the easier way, so let’s just do this (because your brain don’t wanna work unless it has to) and that is actually how we will hold our badassery, effortlessly.

The Secret? An approach that integrates relational healing within the context of power. ❤️‍🔥⚡️

The Unfinishing School is a course that is rooted in trauma informed, relational, and experiential approaches through the lens of power.

The nervous system and attachment systems are inextricably linked. So if we want to change an aspect of ourselves or our lives, it requires being attentive to how these systems operate independently and together.

Because trauma does not happen in a vacuum. Trauma happens with others in a context of power.

Who’s got power? How much? To do what?

This is not a simple fix. The traumas tend to pile on and run through generations.



And we inherit all of it through our family lineages.

We inherit the good that we celebrate with our cultural traditions, the gorgeous ways we connect and show love, style, foooooooood! 🌮

And the bad – physically or emotionally absent parents, pressure to be top dog in a capitalist world at the expense of your own flourishing, or getting in deep deep shit if you are not perfect.

When your people have been hurt and carry both – resilience and toxicity – it makes it hard to heal when your healing confronts their unprocessed wounds.

This is painful and activating for everyone because it’s in our bones to stay close to our tribe at all costs.

So what do we do?

In these spaces, I have found it imperative to pull back, get in touch with the original context that’s at play in the present, tune into our true selves to find an aligned way forward.

This is what it is all about. You are not your wounds or your insecurities.

You are so much more than all of that.

We just need to chip away the parts that you’ve inherited or held or had to embody for a time but ultimately feel like a tight itchy wool sweater in the summertime. Because that’s not for you anymore, no thank you. 

This is the great unlearning and the Unfinishing School is the place to do it so you can get on with being the baddie you are, rather than the wallflower you appear to be.

And part the seas, just like Peaches.


Despite being informed by my experience as a psychotherapist, the Unfinishing School does not include:

  • Personal consultation sessions
  • Crisis response services – if you are in crisis, that is a time to recruit care and support from another rather than an online course of this nature, however you are so welcome here when you have some stable footing and are out of the weeds of the crisis
  • Any groups or live calls – it’s a course designed to be pursued independently, an inward dive into yourself before you start messin’ with anyone else

In the Unfinishing School, I pull from my 14 years of front line experience in the therapy chair to offer you a new path to a grounded and reliable source of power without you having to sit on my (these days due to telehealth, metaphorical) couch. 🛋️

After Going Through This Cohesive, Power-Obsessed (in the best way) 7 Session Course, You Will Gain:

  • An enlightened perspective on power you can apply without feeling like an asshole for taking care of yourself.
  • A more nuanced understanding of attachment and interpersonal neurobiology so you can understand what the hell is going on when you get one of those cute trauma flare-ups at the post office (or what-have-you) 🫀
  • A soma-emo-lexicon of what your body and emotions are trying to tell you so you can stop making them the villain in your life. Hint: they have your back more than you realize!
  • A deep dive into your coping mechanisms so you can make sure you are living life with a backbone, rather than a shell. 🐌
  • Discernment on when shame is actually valuable (I know, shocker!) and when it needs to be thrown in the trash.
  • Awareness on why you self-sabotage, people-please, and keep gravitating toward the same sticky situations and how to check yourself to change course.
  • A breakdown of boundaries that can fit in your back pocket for those moments when someone’s flirtin’ with them.
  • A creative framework for how to BE with yourself so you get off the grind of DOING all the things that leave you drained and constantly second-guessing your every move.
  • Insight on the nasty grams from your body and what to do when shit’s inflamed.
  • A step-by step framework for working through those pesky moments when you get transported to being 17 again…and not in the fun, wide-eyed and bushy tailed kind of way. 👩🏼‍🎤
  • A clear formula for confidence so you can stop perseverating on what everyone else thinks about you. Hint: it has nothing to do with how you look.
  • Fundamental skills for handling your emotions with accountability and care. 
  • Structure for how to create a life you don’t constantly bitch about, the life you actually wish to lead.
  • (In Beta Round 2) Your very own life kit to gain clarity on exactly what you need to move through life’s beloved AFOGs (Another Fucking Opportunity for Growth)

Soar with Grace and Power 🦅

all the details

The Unfinishing School is taught in an online classroom where you will learn the fundamentals of power and interpersonal biology to overhaul your relationship to yourself and embody your power.

This course will be delivered through online video sessions and reflective writing exercises via an asynchronous learning platform. You will be able to log in and dive in on your own time, making it convenient no matter where you are or what your schedule is like.

Every other Friday morning CST over the course of 14 weeks, a new seminar will be released and will be available in your account!

As we are in Beta Round 1, I will be creating these video sessions as we go. In the future, I plan to offer supplemental PDF resources for you to download and utilize as you work through the course.

However, right now is the perfect time to join the Unfinishing School, because the early adopter price is 50% off during beta. 💸

Any and all updates to the Unfinishing School are all yours as they become available! In exchange, I’d love your feedback and would appreciate hearing how the Unfinishing School is helping you become the person of your wildest dreams.


cultivate your inner badass,
break free from the past

There’s a you inside of you that is wise, wild, spicy, playful, tough, and tender. It is your divine right to embody all of you. When you do, you set yourself free. You show up with integrity. You choose kindness over being nice or polite. You lead when it matters to you and when there’s no one else to do the leading. You choose a life that nurtures and fucking excites you. When you do, you also set others free. That’s true power. True power is abundant. Regenerative. Shared.

The Unfinishing School will get you there. Join us.

Just $497 to Start Your Own Personal Revolution

50% Off while we are in Beta

Proud to offer a 30 day, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

About the Creator of The Unfinishing School

In her psychotherapy and consulting practices, Natalia Amari, LCSW, SEP, CST helps adults overcome experiences of trauma and reclaim their peace, power, and pleasure. Natalia is especially passionate about working with BIPOC, LGBTQ+ folks, poly/kink communities, indigenous and immigrant peoples, and survivors of interpersonal and sexual violence. 

With the Rebel In Bloom Unfinishing School, Natalia is excited to make this kind of transformational healing accessible to more people than she could possibly serve on a one to one basis.

To spell out the alphabet soup behind her name, Natalia completed her Masters in Social Work at the University of Michigan in 2012. She attended and completed the DEEP Skills Theory Training (an attachment-oriented experiential psychotherapy) in 2017-2018 and continues to consult in this modality. She attended the U-M Sexual Health Certificate Program – Sex Therapy Track in 2021-2022 and is an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist (CST) as of 2023. Additionally, Natalia completed the Somatic Experiencing program and earned her Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) certification in 2022. Finally, Natalia is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the State of Texas.

Natalia’s early life was colorful to say the least and has absolutely influenced her mission to help others get in touch with their power and flourish. Growing up in a trailer park in the ‘burbs of Austin and embodying multiple hyphenated identities along racial, ethnic, gender, sexuality, and spiritual lines, she can’t help but hold a collective lens when approaching personal challenges.

While she will never forget her roots, Natalia has been incredibly lucky to defy statistics and change her stars. She lives a rich life being the woman of her wildest dreams dedicated to creating a life she doesn’t constantly bitch about. 💃🏻🌮✈️⛲️☀️

And she wants the same for you.


That’s okay. In this course we will go over the ways we commonly get lost and stuck and sometimes identifying those boulders are enough to dislodge them and open up pathways for what you do want more of in your life. Additionally, we will also do some guided explorations to help spark that vivacious part of you that’s yearning to come out and play!

Great question. Many times we refer to ourselves far more harshly than is fair, so if that is true for you, then I absolutely want to invite you to join us.

However, if you are in any kind of acute crisis in your life, like dealing with active addiction, in intensive treatment for an eating disorder, or in an abusive relationship, I would get your bearings before taking this on. It can be of value for sure in the future, but we have to stabilize our lives to a certain extent before diving into material that could be a lot, emotionally.

All of the information in this course stems from my work as a psychotherapist, however, in psychotherapy, we offer this information in a manner that is paced with your ability to deeply receive it and digest it. This is just good trauma-informed practice, because too much, too soon, too fast, even of a good thing, can feel really destabilizing for our nervous systems.

If you are still interested and unsure, please consult with your psychotherapist or if you do not have one, please reach out to me before signing up.

Yeah, sure! Again, if you are in acute distress, speak to your psychotherapist first to suss out any potential challenges that may arise.

If you have ever been a client of mine, much of this may be familiar to you and in many ways, I am hoping it is a tangible gift to you that you can always refer back to when you need it. All this being said, past and current clients get a special promo, so please reach out to me directly for that code.

Anyone committed to avoidance and absolutely not in a place to look at the aspects of their life they secretly know they need to change.

No judgments here at all, but this information could really open some doors that are hard to close and if making a change feels extremely overwhelming to you, then I would trust the wisdom your body is trying to tell you here and work with a psychotherapist instead to approach these topics more gently. Slow is fast when it comes to the nervous system and there’s a part of you that has insight on whether this is a good time for you to peek under this rock – trust yourself.

Yes, absolutely! If for whatever reason you are not jiving with this, please reach out to me for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. But honestly? I’ve seen this information change lives so I hope it benefits you as well. ♡

cultivate your inner badass,
break free from the past

There’s a you inside of you that is wise, wild, spicy, playful, tough, and tender. It is your divine right to embody all of you. When you do, you set yourself free. You show up with integrity. You choose kindness over being nice or polite. You lead when it matters to you and when there’s no one else to do the leading. You choose a life that nurtures and fucking excites you. When you do, you also set others free. That’s true power. True power is abundant. Regenerative. Shared.

The Unfinishing School will get you there. Join us.

Just $497 to Start Your Own Personal Revolution

50% Off while we are in Beta

Proud to offer a 30 day, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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