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Our life experiences and cultural identities have a great impact on us, the choices we make, and ultimately, our sense of vitality in how we live our lives. In our path to growth, confidence, and wellness, there can be a lot of learning and unlearning.

Even considering therapy can be a decision riddled with so much personal, familial, and cultural barriers. Between all the stigma and overwhelm, it can be hard to find the best fit for you.

If your life was an episode on Netflix what would be the title?

People Pleasing in the Making: The one where you declared your major outside of the medical field and your disgruntled parents said “You won’t make any money!”

The Hushed Descent into Guilt and Shame: the classic one where you spoke up about a family matter at dinner and were met with the silent treatment for days. Forget speaking your mind.

Watch Your Step: The one where you became independent and ventured your own path and were told “You won’t succeed…it’s too hard!” Cue the downward spiral of self-doubt and avoidance of opportunities.

Or my personal favorite: The Tender Rebel: “The one where you decide ‘enough is enough’ and go to therapy” and hear “You’re too sensitive,” “We don’t talk about family issues to others” but you do it anyway.

If any of these scenarios resonated with you then we may be a good fit. My passion is helping people identify and resolve childhood traumas or attachment wounding and how it impacts their cultural identity, life choices and happiness.

Shanaz Ikonne, LPC

Shanaz has a waitlist for individual psychotherapy and is accepting clients for the Like a Mother Group.

$170 per 55-minute session

Accepts Aetna + BCBS PPO

life transitions are often informed by
old wounds and cultural identities

Unresolved childhood or intergenerational traumas can inflict deep emotional injuries that leave us feeling defeated and invisible. It can be hard to identify and reach your ideal self. There can be an unrelenting sense that something is missing.

You are not alone. You are worthy of being seen, heard and loved. You deserve to live your life with ease and strength.

Our work together will be uniquely based on your life story, goals and struggles and finding creative solutions that release attachment wounds and support your mind and body. Through therapy, we can help you construct a life for yourself, enhance your relationships, and strengthen family bonds.

Your book is still being written.

Let’s use this chapter in your life to write a beautiful story that embraces your pain and struggle to empower you to harness your self-esteem, self-confidence and self-efficacy. I boldly welcome you with open arms to this new chapter in your life.

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Shanaz Ikonne, LPC
Fierce Mama
Social Justice Advocate
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intergenerational trauma
family of origin challenges
multiracial folx navigating life changes
life as a womxn of color
social justice/advocacy
pregnancy support
racism within the family system
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culturally inclusive
holistic approach
creative approaches
relationally focused
intersectional feminist
LGBTQIA+, kink & poly-friendly
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Licensed Professional Counselor
LPC #73271

Administered by:
Texas State Board of Professional Counselors
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Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Registered Play Therapist
National Board Certified

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Master of Science Counseling
University of North Texas

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
University of Texas at Dallas


"I have been able to utilize the resources here to help ensure that I am on, and stay on, a healthy path. Natalia was always professional. I have really appreciated working with her as she has been extremely responsive, flexible, and able to devise other techniques and tactics in the sessions. This has been the first time I have truly felt that I was able to have a co-working experience and a hands-on approach in therapy.”
Fierce & Beautiful Human Being
Former Client, Age 27

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