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…I see clients struggle with the same kinds of challenges leading up to and during the holiday season. And, every year I help them take stock of their core needs, devise plans that honor their needs and coach them through how to address those needs in light of the overwhelm, grief and loneliness that comes up this time of year. This Holiday Survival Kit was born out of those conversations.

the 3 most common holiday struggles


It’s easy to feel overwhelmed this time of year. From commitments we made in October to unrealistic expectations carry with us about the holidays and ourselves. The struggle is real.

This kit will help you tune into what you really need and devise a plan for reducing overwhelm.


Winter unfolds its shedding processes, while the holidays urge for togetherness. This naturally this brings up a lot of grief. This is normal, yet it can be hard in a culture that turns a blind eye to grief.

In this guide you will find direction on how to contain and honor grief.


Whether you have too much on your plate or too little this time of year, loneliness can still creep up on you. Unwanted loneliness is excruciating for humans, so let’s address this head on.

Use this workbook to identify your resources for connection and keep loneliness at bay.

the holidays don't have to suck

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what you'll get

This 7 day guided email Holiday Survival Series includes:

  • Information on the season’s most common stressors and the most essential tools.
  • Guidance to help you what you need most to get through the season.
  • Writing prompts to help you create your plan for the most common struggles. 
  • Sample scripts for addressing your needs and boundaries.
  • Instruction on self-regulation tools and creative ways to use them.
  • 4 meditative pep talks that you can use on the go.
*Please understand that this digital series is non-refundable.

from the creator


It’s fair if you are wondering why on earth you should trust what I have to say about getting through the holidays.

The reality is that my own life has showed me depths of pain that one can experience during the holiday season. And, clinical know-how and 7+ years of seeing clients through their holiday struggles have made it clear what kind of guidance and tools are most helpful this time of year. 

I want everyone to have a more peaceful season, hence the creation of this toolkit.

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You don’t have to go it alone. Let me help.
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