our response to covid-19

As of May 1, 2020...

The last 6 weeks have been a time of enormous change, fear, and grief. While this can be a lot to hold, I am in awe of bearing witness to how people have adapted on a collective level. I have also been grateful to be of help, providing trauma therapy and sharing information to help people better orient to our current lived reality and stay resilient. It’s a privilege to walk beside you.

In response, over here at Rebel In Bloom, we’ve responded by swiftly taking all sessions online to help flatten the curve and do our best to prevent infection, particularly among those who may be immunocompromised. Doing therapy via video session may not quite have the same feeling as it does to meet in person, however, I’m grateful there is a way we can still see each other and process this experience together.

Today, Texas is moving toward lifting the shelter in place orders, and like many, for the concern for the health and safety of our clients and connected communities, we will not be offering in person sessions yet.

We will continue to monitor the situation and announce when we will begin in person sessions as soon as it feels safe enough to do so. In the meantime, we will continue to provide therapy via video chat and telephone.

Furthermore, in alignment with continuing to find ways to be of service, I am now offering 1-on-1 virtual consulting services for leaders and fellow therapists. If you’d like to consult with me about particular concerns related to how this pandemic is affecting our mental health, please use the button below to book a session. If you are a leader, and you’d like more information about how I can help – go to my consulting page for leaders to learn more.


Natalia Amari, LCSW