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Feminist Trauma Therapy

Living in an oppressive world after a trauma can be overwhelming.

Triggers in the form of microaggressions to blatant discrimination are prevalent in both work and home life – chipping away at our well-being.

As our awareness of these intersections between trauma and oppression increase, we may feel up in arms, ready to start a revolution!

However, we need to take exquisite care of ourselves first or else we risk feeling overwhelmed, drained and hopeless.

You deserve a life free from trauma.

Nightmares, unbearable emotions, panic attacks, inability to concentrate, feeling spacey or prickly all the time.

Post-traumatic stress symptoms are just one layer of trauma.

After a trauma we may wonder – can we ever feel like ourselves and still feel safe?

Can we trust others – or even ourselves – again?

Real talk: Yes. We absolutely can. We can show you how.

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Trauma Therapy Helps You

Reveal Your
Core Self

Reveal Your Core Self

That fierce, strong force of nature is not who you used to be or who you wish to be. That’s your core self, ready to help you be more confident, real, free, resilient and empowered.

Increase Resilience

Increase Resilience

Identify and develop the capacity to stay strong in the face of oppression. Cultivate self-care without “the shoulds.” Learn when and how to give yourself support when you need it.

Create Healthy Boundaries

Create Healthy Boundaries

Create boundaries that help you feel protected, yet free. Know when to be firm and know when to be flexible, proactively. Set clear expectations and hold them from a place of love.

Overcome Trauma

Overcome Trauma

Tame shame. Grieve the losses. Release coping strategies that no longer serve you so you can thrive, rather than survive. You deserve to be free from trauma.


“I feel like I have gained more insight and can more capably pursue a path to solve my problems. I’m grateful to have found a therapist who was such an attentive listener and was eager to invest attention in practical problem solving.”
Fierce & Beautiful Human Being
Former Client, Age 32

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