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embodied consultations

Real talk – even when we need radical change to be our most true selves, the transitions themselves can be activating as fuck.

Even if you’ve been flourishing.

It’s only natural to be a bit stirred up when we traverse new life experiences, say goodbye to certain relationships or seasons of our lives.

Or when an old wound has resurfaced.

Or when a new trauma happens.

Or when things just stagnate.

Maybe you keep finding yourself stuck in a particular pattern.

Or you’re feeling a little overdue for an inner life tune up. Having an emo-plateau.

Whether it’s that you’re feeling like something is missing or you’re feeling recently stirred up, you body is trying to let you know – you have a need and you deserve care.

This can be really intimidating but we can’t ignore these signs. When we try to brush them aside they fester.

Hello, the nervous system is a powerhouse and we do not want to get on her bad side (even when trying to do the right thing).

The messages to maintain a stiff upper lip, compartmentalize it, move on are not actually rooted in our wisdom of what it really takes to heal. That’s conformist culture talkin’ and just because it’s such a pervasive message doesn’t mean it’s right.

The reality is, we are designed to be resilient and thrive – but that does not come from hiding or ignoring our feelings. We must face these moments head on.

The only way out is through.

what's involved?

This is where the magic happens. In these online consulting sessions we will make use of creative and somatic approaches to help you:

  • Wrap your mind around the kind of change you need to make
  • Break this down into tiny, manageable morsels
  • Craft strategic life experiments to help you find shifts that work for you
  • Address and process any feelings that come up in an integrative way
  • Review and adapt the process until feel more aligned in life

Radical change is possible, but we also need to ensure that it is sustainable change. That’s our aim, and I have the tools to help.


Embodied Consultations take place online and in your own time.

A single session is $250

Package of 3 sessions: $700

Subscription billed every 4 weeks: $900

Couples Rates: TBD

Sessions are held online via video chat and last 45-50 minutes.

Embodied Consultations are a great option for digital nomads, expats, and people who travel frequently and need more flexible support.

let's dive in

While you may be coasting along fine, if we do not listen to the whispers from our bodies, they tend to become more inflamed and complex in time.

Don’t wait. Let’s nip this in the bud before your body, mind, soul starts screaming to get your attention.

Book your discovery call now.


“I feel like I have gained more insight and can more capably pursue a path to solve my problems. I’m grateful to have found a therapist who was such an attentive listener and was eager to invest attention in practical problem solving.”
Fierce & Beautiful Human Being
Former Client, Age 32


Consulting sessions and psychotherapy sessions may look a lot alike especially since Somatic Experiencing, a transformative therapy geared toward resolving trauma, underpins both the consulting and psychotherapy work that I do. And really, it is important to me to bring the same high quality of care to anyone I am working with.

However, for those times when the needs are more clinical in nature, that is when psychotherapy, rather than consulting, would be the better fit.

It should also be made clear that while I am a licensed clinical social worker in the state of Texas, this consulting work falls outside of that scope of licensure. If you are a Texas resident and seeking psychotherapy, please reach out to me via my psychotherapy practice.

Yep. I maintain the same level of confidentiality with the same exceptions as a mandated reporter as I do in my psychotherapist role.

To ensure goodness of fit for our working relationship, we will start by hopping on a complimentary 20-minute consultation call.

In this call we will briefly discuss what you are seeking consulting for at this time and open the floor for any questions you may have of me. You get to suss me out too. 🙂

If it seems that there’s more of a need for psychotherapy services, then I will do my best to line you up with some referral options or places you can search and find like-minded therapists.

If it’s a go, then I will send you a brief consent and intake form and a link to book your sessions. From there we get to it!

Because the sessions are tailored to each person they can range in how they look.

If you have a concrete question you feel could be addressed in 1 session, then we will dive right in and have more of a strategic session.

If you have a pocket of work to do around something specific, we can opt for a handful of sessions where we explore the issue, then we may do a focused somatic experiencing session, and then we may do a follow up post-processing integration style session.

If the needs are a bit more open ended, then we will weave together exploratory, strategic, somatic experiencing, and integration sessions according to your emerging needs.

These consultation sessions can be focused and short term or more fluid and long term in nature. Either way, I seek to collaborate with you on what you know you need best for you.

All sessions are paid for at time of booking.

As sessions are only booked on a rolling, as needed basis, refunds are not offered.

If you need to reschedule, you are able to do so with 48 hours notice through the confirmation email you received when you book.

I do ask that you reschedule your appointment within 2 weeks so that your credit and your intention for the session aren’t lost in the ether. This helps us stay on track and not get weird about lapsed time (because we’re human).

unleash your inner badass

Book your discovery call now. If it seems that the challenge may be more complex, I will let you know and point you toward psychotherapy options to help you get the care you need.