back of a woman sitting on a bench in front of a lake potentially representing anger

Your Anger is Welcome Here

Women are often sent the message that their anger is not welcome, unacceptable, “unbecoming of a lady.”

It’s such an engrained part of our culture that it’s easy to not realize when we might be sending that message to each other. This can have a such an impact on ourselves and our relationships.

As a therapist, I am deeply committed to creating a safe space for that anger to come out.

Anger is important, useful and healthy. Sometimes it can feel unfamiliar or scary as we bumble our way through expressing it for the first time. That’s ok. Bumbling is part of the process. Therapy is a space for you to take your time with it. To feel that anger and have someone to feel this with you, safely, until you feel ready to start expressing this in healthy ways in your life.

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