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Hope & Attachment

We’ve all had moments of feeling let down when we “got our hopes up” about something.

And, I get it. It hurts. We often feel like there’s something wrong with us for having hope in the first place.

But I don’t feel like hope is always the issue. Hope is important. We need hope in our lives. Hope keeps us moving. Keeps us working toward a better future.

To me, underneath “I got my hopes up” is actually attachment to the outcome. There’s a very big difference between having hope and getting attached to a particular outcome.

Hope looks like, “I have hope that things will get better and I am going to keep moving toward that someway, somehow.”

Attachment to the outcome looks like, “It will only get better if X happens now.”

See the difference?

So, for whatever is going on in your life right now – what would it look like to have hope but lose the attachment?

And if it feels too hard to loose the attachment? Perhaps it might be a good moment to reflect upon what you might be needing right now.

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