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Healing is Within You

Each of us is designed to heal.
For example, if you get a little scratch on your arm, you will bleed, but then the blood will clot to create a scab. Your body will also send some inflammation to the scratch to puff up the skin and help close the wound.
Additional processes occur with the help of specific fluids and cells to help clean and heal the wound (I’m being vague for the squeamish out there…but you get the idea!)
Now, if we don’t keep the wound clean or if we mess with the wound too much then that impedes the healing. So, in order to foster efficient healing we need to create environments that allow for the natural healing to take place.
Still following me?
This is a very physical example, but the same is true of emotional healing.
For any kind of experience in life, we need to be allowed to feel our feelings. When that get’s thwarted then it can either create harm or thwart healing in some way.
Thus, the key to healing is similar to the physical example – we simply need to create ripe conditions for healing and allow the natural healing process (that is a part of your body’s innate wisdom) to simply take place.
In this way – the healer is within you…let’s awaken that healer.

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