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Creating A Life

This past weekend, I got to hang out with several friend-colleagues that I absolutely adore and respect among the trees and mountains in Washington.
We danced, had sing-a-longs, played games, got lost in the wilderness and overall co-created a space for us to let go and get centered. It was magical.
And one of the thoughts that kept circling around in my head was this idea of “creating a life.”
While we can’t control every little aspect of life, I do believe that within each new moment is an opportunity to create our lives.
It’s easy to loose sight of this. Even for me.
So I find myself regularly asking myself, “What kind of life do I want to create?”
This question helps me tune into my core values and wishes. And helps me to be more empowered, little by little.
This past weekend – this retreat with these lovely people – was an outcome of asking myself this question and mustering up the courage to put it out there 6 months ago.
And, getting to experience the weekend reminded me of how beautiful it is to create your life.

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