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To the Mothers Within Us

Mother’s Day is not just for mothers of humans.
It’s for all of us.
Our cultural relationship to motherhood is complex. In so many ways we put mothers on pedestals. This can feel good and empowering. It truly is amazing what our bodies are capable of and how that translates into cultural norms. It’s so worthy of being seen and acknowledged.
It’s also inevitable that anything put on a pedestal will eventually fall. Mothers aren’t perfect. Nor should they be. Parenting shouldn’t be left up to just mothers either – that’s part of that pedestal. All of this can result in some really weighty feelings about our mothers and in turn about ourselves.
And, of course, some moms are hurtful. Really hurtful. For those who have been hurt by their mothers, I want to acknowledge you today as well. I know today can feel pretty tough and I hope you are getting some good self-care in today.
In so many ways, part of healing is to learn to become a mother to ourselves – in general or in specific ways. So Happy Mothers Day to the mother within you. She is worthy of being seen, empowered and celebrated.

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