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Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2018

It’s almost the end of April – Sexual Assault Awareness Month. And instead of giving facts and figures, I want to speak directly to every person out there who is working hard to overcome this – whether you call it sexual assault, rape, molestation, going too far, that-thing-that-happened, etc.

(For the record, you are allowed to call it whatever feels like the best word or phrase to you.)

I see you working hard to create a work life that feels safe, includes autonomy, and honors your self-determination. That is free from people, policies, or structures that activate your sympathetic nervous system in an unruly way.

I see you working hard to navigate relationships with love and compassion for people who don’t get it and have good intentions even when they inadvertently trigger you.

I see you working hard to take back your sleep and make it a peaceful, restful one.

I see you working hard to address the various health issues from inflammation as a result of trauma, which often requires a holistic care/whole team approach because this often affects systems in the body – not just one organ, etc.

I see you working hard to reclaim your sexual self. Even if that means taking a break from sex until you can gain a little more of a sense of security. That’s not failure – that’s you listening to the wisdom of your body.

I see you working hard to discern who you are from how this trauma has impacted you. You are not your experiences. Yes, we are shaped by experience, but it is not the totality of our being.

I see you. I believe you. And I’m with you in the life-changing process that it is to reclaim literally every area of your life and your being from the ripple effects of sexual assault.

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