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Self-Care for Shadow Selves

I’m feeling some strong #SelfCareSunday vibes today. Self-care looks different at different times, of course, and one act of self-care that feels particularly important is to get to know our shadow selves.

The dark side.

The side we may feel ashamed of at times.

The side that gets loud and strong and protective when needed.


Because she gets lonely too. And she will become unwieldy when not seen and heard. And when we befriend her then the different parts can meet as equals, neither overpowering one another, to decide together how to handle whatever shit is being thrown your way. ⠀

So today, if you wish, invite all the parts of yourself to come gently and intentionally into your awareness for a few moments, without any need to change them. Just notice and be curious.

Thank them for visiting and be on with your day.

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